What Is An Elite College Recruit?

What Is An Elite College Recruit?

You may think that an Elite College Recruit is the best player on a team, or the strongest, tallest or fastest. Having skill at a sport makes you a great athlete, but there’s so much more to the role. An Elite College Recruit is someone who embraces their desire to become a college athlete and engages in behavior to make that happen. Being a great athlete is just a part of the equation of what college coaches are looking for. When you are living away from home for the first time, they want to trust that you will make good choices and be successful in the classroom. They are evaluating more qualities than just your athleticism.

Qualities Of An Elite College Recruit

  1. Trains with discipline and drive; is the first in the gym and the last to leave.
  2. Has the ability to be patient and demonstrates resilience.
  3. Engages in respectable behavior at all times.
  4. Excels in the classroom and seeks help when struggling.
  5. Takes responsibility for their own actions and recruiting process.
  6. Communicates with college coaches on a regular basis.
  7. Actively seeks out college opportunities and pursues them.
  8. Is willing to function outside of their comfort zone with coach phone calls.
  9. Takes the time for campus visits to help find the “perfect fit” college.
  10. Accepts the transition from being a beginner athlete to a college athlete with grace and gratitude.

Nowhere in this list does it mention that the Elite College Recruit is the best athlete. Over half of the traits listed above are related to being actively involved in your recruiting process. You can become a great communicator; writing great emails, having great phone calls and campus visits. Take the time to find the right resources to help you. When you need help, ask for it. The uncomfortableness that you feel as a recruit is normal. Push through it. It will change your life.

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