The Intangibles Hidden In Your Effort

A student-athlete’s talent can capture a coach’s attention but if they are unable to communicate consistently throughout their recruiting process, talent may not be enough to earn the offer. In fact, it’s not uncommon for less skilled athletes who are disciplined communicators with college coaches to receive more offers than their more talented peers. Why is this? Because effective, consistent communication demonstrates that you have the intangibles that college coaches are looking for in a prospect; determination, discipline and confidence. College coaches look for athletes who are capable of functioning outside of their comfort zone and actively managing your recruiting process demonstrates just that.

The success of an elite program depends not only on the talent of the athletes but also on their character; resilience, determination, and maturity. Competing at the college level requires emotional fortitude that allows you to manage the successes and setbacks. These qualities can be on full display when you communicate with college coaches during your recruiting process, whether in an email, on a phone call, or in person.

From the college coach’s perspective, which athlete do you think will handle inevitable challenges best: Recruit A who is sending consistent email updates and checking-in with the occasional phone call, or Recruit B who is sitting at home waiting for the offer? Talent is something that coaches develop in players – it’s their job. Therefore, choosing the recruit who displays more determination and hunger for the opportunity over the more talented, less engaged athlete occurs often. I’ll take recruit A please!

Becoming a great communicator with college coaches does not come naturally to all athletes. It takes time, effort, and practice, just like developing your athletic ability. Here’s the good news; it’s not that hard! If you can commit an hour every week to the process, you can become an Elite College Recruit. It is worth the effort!

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