Personalized Sample Email Templates

With 50+ email template topics to choose from, you’ll never be at a loss for words again. Whether you need ideas for what to write about or help with how to ask difficult questions, Elite College Recruit has you covered. The information that you add about yourself into your profile will translate directly into the email templates created. 

Coach Phone Call Prep

Once you’ve mastered emails, the next step is to get comfortable on the phone with college coaches. Two things will make these calls easier; preparation and practice. Elite College Recruit guides you through how to prepare and what questions to ask to help you feel more comfortable during each call.

Campus Visit Prep

Getting on a college campus and getting to know the coaches and team better is often the final step before making a decision (for both the coach and the recruit). Our goal is to prepare you to be the most impressive recruit they’ve ever had on campus, for every visit.

Follow Up Reminders

The emails that you create and send also allow you to add a reminder for when your next communication with that school should occur. You will be notified (if push notifications are enabled) when to reach out again, helping to keep you on track while growing multiple recruiting relationships.

What Recruits
Are Saying . . . 

“Thank you for helping me find the words for what I’m trying to say, and how to ask about delicate topics like money and whether or not I’m still being considered!”

Madeline Q
2022 LiberO

“Elite College Recruit not only helps me communicate more effectively, but also provides great ideas for what to write about in emails  just by scrolling through all of the available templates.”

Roger P
2023 Catcher

“Phone calls used to stress me out! Having a print out of how to start the conversation and what questions to ask has helped me a lot. Thank you!”

Julie J
2022 Forward

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